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The pieces shown here are placed in chronological order. In doing so there was some desire to show the unfolding progression of a lifetime’s work thus far. This cannot be done adequately with such a small number of pieces. “Manpiece 1” and “March 10th” are both important early works, but “the Large Ball” of 1974/5 is not here, and neither are many of the reliefs, variations on “Hunter Gatherer”, or most of the larger lignum pieces made since the turn of the millennium.

The large composite piece, “What is the Case”, started in 2001 and still ongoing, which has been a major focus during this time and is in some sense a distillation of DG’s work, has been given a separate page for clarity.

Nonetheless many of the perennial themes of the work are here: the precariousness of our lives together, the burden and struggle of it, our longing and the order and sensuous beauty which can wake us from our inattention. These themes, articulated clearly and powerfully, give the work universal meaning and lead those involved with the Trust to want to bring it to a wider audience.

  • "Mother and Child" 1961 Yew, 36cm high
  • "Flower for Brancusi" October 1962 Ebony, 91.5 cm high
  • “Pierced Screen” February 1963 Red padauk, 79 x 36 x 7.5 cm
  • “Study for a Cross II” 1963 Larch (burnt), 68.5 cm high
  • “March 10th” 1964 Burnt Pine 185x46x46cm
  • “Manpiece 1” 1965 Greenheart 162x31x31cm
  • “Manpiece 1” (detail)
  • “Man Kit” 1965 Afzelia 98 x 31 x 9.5cm
  • “Balancing Man” 1974 Lignum Vitae and brass 71x30cm
  • “Laburnum 3 Piece” 1974 Oiled Laburnum 22x75x25cm
  • “The Three Graces” 1976 creosoted Balsa 32 x 16cm
  • “Yew Couple” 1979 Yew 13x23x13cm
  • “Heisenberg at Heligoland” 1981 Sycamore 21x28x12cm
  • “The Maze Shed” 1981 Yew and Slate 75x38x38cm
  • “In the Presence of (Mountain Hares)” 1982-84 various woods 225x300x65cm
  • “In the Presence of (Mountain Hares)” (detail)
  • “In the Presence of (Head)” 1982-84 various woods on Marble 36x53x25cm
  • “In the Presence of (Hopi)” 1983-86 Yew, marble ball, on worked slate base 360 x 150 x 20cm
  • “Cut-out Maquette” 1984 red ochred plyboard, black dyed edges 34 x 21 x 14cm
  • “The Impossible Bundle” (relief) 1984-89 burnt and ochred Iroko 26x61x7cm
  • “Coupled” 1985 Sycamore 16x7x6cm
  • “Burned figure” 1986 Burnt Sycamore 28x8x5cm
  • “Crossing Open Ground” (pierced relief) 1992 Sapele with ochre and charcoal 61x93x8cm
  • “The Lost Ones” 1993-94 cane, plywood, wire, acrylic sheet, Balsa 48x43x43cm
  • “Balancing Act” 1999 dyed plywood and slate 73 x 37 x 22cm
  • “Lignum 3” 2001-03 Lignum Vitae on Greenheart base 120 x 152 x 38cm
  • “Lignum 7” 2006-07 Lignum Vitae on slate base 60 x76 x 46cm
  • “Lignum 8” 2009-10 Lignum Vitae on slate base 60 x 66 x 66cm
  • “Ball on Stool” 2010 Oak, Pitch Pine and leather 55 x 53 x 36cm
  • “Four Grooves and a Hole” 2011 coloured Oak relief 32.5 x 32.5 x 4.5cm
  • “Lignum 9” 2012 Lignum Vitae on slate 56x60x21cm