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150b laburnum 3 piece  MG 4237The work has at its heart a set of questions and concerns which are sustained and explored unstintingly in space and across time. In the workshop where much of the work is housed there is a warmth and a receptiveness. This may be because most of the work is carved in wood which is a more vulnerable and intimate material than bronze or stone or steel. More likely it comes from the fact that the intention behind these concerns is self aware and the approach is humane, workman-like and unpretentious. 

It is not possible in this small selection to cover the ground of such a large and varied body of work. However, the individual pieces of work shown here give examples from different periods. As the recent work “What is the Case” has been over 10 years in the making and comprises over 100 individual components, it is represented separately. The video is shown to give a general impression of the work which is housed in David Gilbert’s workshop in North Wales.


video clip 150b P1030756-2 What is the Case
Video Sculptures What is the Case