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clip 150b MG 4027

There are many hundreds of drawings which have been made throughout David Gilbert’s working life as sculptor. Until the 1980s they were more often related to the making of sculpture but from then, drawing began to develop a direction of its own. Many of these drawings were made in series where a theme was being explored. The earlier series were in a small format and usually drawn with charcoal. Later series were larger images and sometimes using other media, often combined with charcoal, such as chalk, pastels, emulsion and even, in recent years, the juice of sloes from the many blackthorn trees edging the Gilberts’ garden in the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales.

  • “Simone Weil 1909-1943” charcoal 1991 76x55cm
  • “The Conversation” charcoal, ochre, pastel 1993 76x55cm
  • “One Story About How It Is” (series) charcoal 1995 76x55cm
  • “The Way to the River (after de Kooning)” (part of series) charcoal, ochre 1998 76x55cm
  • “Crossing Open Ground” (series) charcoal 2001 76x55cm
  • “Heads and Chairs” charcoal 2002 76x55cm
  • “Sloe Drawing” sloe berries 2007 76x55cm
  • “Wooden Ball on Chair” pencil 2012 76x55cm