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About The Trust

about the trust

The David Gilbert Art Trust was established in 2011 to look after for the long term all the work made over half a century by David Gilbert and to explore the possibilities for enabling it to be more widely seen and known. Specifically, the Trust’s purpose is to:

 • identify, maintain and manage the art works of David Gilbert
 • seek to place a core collection of the work into public ownership on the basis it will continue to be available for public view
 • identify and catalogue the work and where relevant place materials in an appropriate archive
 • seek opportunities to exhibit individual pieces or collections of the work

It is hoped that the website gives an adequate introduction – through both the images and text - to the range, quality and concerns of the work, thereby leading to an interest to want to see more. The trustees and those already supporting their undertaking believe this work, in all its sustained endeavour and diversity, to be powerful and significant, most especially against a background of intensifying consumerism and commodification and during this time of global disturbance and change.

This is not ‘fashionable’ work. In a culture where the overarching values of the art establishment determine what is good or important art, and the clamour of the social and professional media hold sway, it is not obvious how to discriminate or what to take notice of. The trustees’ task is to find and engage with others who also recognise the value of this work and who might be able to help the Trust achieve its purpose. We are already making contact with arts organisations, funding bodies and interested individuals to seek help and advice on how best to proceed.

David Gilbert died in July 2016 in North Wales.

In October 2018 the building in Liverpool where the work had been stored since David died was broken into. A number of mostly smaller and medium sized works were stolen or damaged. The estimated monetary value of these irreplaceable pieces was £150,000. Any queries regarding the stolen pieces can be made via the contact page.

Since David Gilbert's death the work has been shown in two exhibitions. In 2018 at the Isle of Man Museum and Art Gallery in collaboration with a show at the Sayle Gallery Douglas IoM. A new exhibition of his work has just opened 5th November 2022 at the Bury Sculpture Gallery and runs until the18th February 2023. Future Exhibitions are currently being sought.

Trustees: Nick Benefield, Damon Gilbert

Advisor: Aileen McEvoy

Care of the Collection: The Trustees, and in addition, Craig Halliday and Guy Herzmark

Catalogue: Dr Judith LeGrove

The Trustees would like to thank all the photographers who have contributed images for this site. We are grateful to Eryl Jones in particular, but also Annabel Luery, Robert Mosley, Joe Parys and Joseph Rosbotham.

If anyone visiting this site has concerns regarding copyright, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Anyone wishing to comment, purchase or exhibit the work of David Gilbert should contact the Chair of Trustees via the Contact page.

Please use the phrase "this is the case" without quotation marks in the "magic word" box on the contact page to confirm you are a person not an automated process.